13 Healthy Foods and Various Benefits for the Body

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13 Healthy Foods and Various Benefits for the Body – Eating healthy food is very important for everyone. To maintain a person’s body health must maintain food intake in the body. Of course the necessary food intake must be healthy and good for health.

Many people think, healthy food is difficult to obtain and tastes less tasty. Even though there are many kinds of healthy foods and the taste is good. There are many choices of healthy foods ranging from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and many others.

Variety of Healthy Foods

A variety of healthy foods available here. Not all healthy foods are hard to come by and they don’t taste good. The following is a variety of healthy foods that are good for the body.

1. Apples

This one fruit is believed to have many benefits for health. Besides this fruit is easily available, apples also have a delicious taste and can be processed into a variety of dishes.

Apples have many benefits, namely counteracting free radicals, reducing the risk of lung cancer, preventing the risk of diabetes, losing weight, preventing heart disease, maintaining a healthy digestive system, improving memory, and many other benefits contained in this one fruit .

2. Beef

Beef is meat that is quite favored, besides the price is not too expensive, the processing is relatively easy. There are so many kinds of food that can be served by this beef.

Beef has many benefits if consumed properly. The benefits of beef are an energy source, improve quality of life, prevent diabetes, prevent obesity, increase brain intelligence, increase red blood cells, and many other benefits.

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3. Nuts and seeds

Various types of nuts and seeds also save thousands of benefits. Various types of nuts and seeds such as peas, corn, peanuts, and so forth.

Beans and seeds in addition to having a delicious taste also have benefits such as a source of protein, a source of calcium, a source of potassium, high antioxidants, healthy heart, maintain brain concentration, maintain healthy bibs, and many others.

4. Fish-fish

Foods consisting of fish and other or often called seafood, are usually often found in coastal areas and fish markets.

Fish-fish have many health benefits, namely the source of vitamin A, preventing bone disorders, overcoming cavities, making sleep sound, antibiotics, cancer drugs, and many other benefits.

5. Milk

Milk is usually obtained from animals such as cows, goats, camels. Milk is usually drunk directly or made in various flavors. Milk is not only taken by small children, but adults also drink milk because milk has good benefits for health.

The various benefits of milk for health are sources of calcium, protein sources, maintaining healthy teeth, maintaining bone health, maintaining weight, reducing stress, energy sources, and many other benefits.

6. 8 Various other healthy foods

  • Dark chocolate
  • coffee
  • potato
  • ice cream
  • orange
  • avocado
  • banana
  • yogurt

Those are the kinds of healthy foods and various benefits for the body. There are still many healthy foods that we can consume that have many benefits. Never be afraid to consume healthy foods, and avoid foods that are not good like junk food because it is not good for the health of our bodies.

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