Apple Cider Vinegar Diet with Its Benefits and Side Effects

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Apple Cider Vinegar Diet with Its Benefits and Side Effects – Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been known as one of most effective solutions to lose weight. The vinegar made from apple has unique taste with amber color, making it interesting to consume in various ways. The fact that many people believe in the health benefits of apple cider vinegar diet, it is commonly listed into weight loss program. This vinegar is also considered as part of healthy lifestyle. However, is apple vinegar really effective to burn fat and lose weight? If it is really advantageous; how to take the cider vinegar appropriately to gain the benefit at its most? Will it cause any side effect for long term?

Prior to revealing the health benefits of apple cider vinegar diet, get to know what ACV is. Cider vinegar is the fermentation of apple that is typically made in two steps. First, the apples are cut then combined with yeast—the yeast helps convert sugar into alcohol. After that, the bacteria will be added to ferment the alcohol and convert into acetic acid. Usually the making process of apple cider vinegar takes one month.

Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Some studies have shown that cider vinegar can help weight loss. The studies that involve human resulted in weight loss based on scales only by taking cider vinegar regularly, two to three times a day. Researchers from Sweden also found that cider vinegar has potential as fermented product that contains acetic acid. Considering these empiric proof, apple cider vinegar diet can be potential to shed fat. There are some other health benefits of this vinegar to lose fat.

1.    Decrease insulin

The acetic acid substance found in apple cider vinegar has been proven to reduce the level of insulin. When the level of insulin is decreased, the ratio of insulin to glucagon will also reduce. It helps your body to burn fat.


2.    Improve metabolism

Another health benefit offered by apple cider vinegar is to improve metabolism. When your body metabolism is improved, the body will be able to burn fat much faster than usual. It can also decrease fat as well as sugar production in your liver. In shorter words, apple cider vinegar diet helps burn your fat.


3.    Reduce fat

Some parts of your body tend to store fat—belly is the most potential part for this. Consuming cider vinegar regularly is effective to reduce belly fat. Thanks to the acetic acid that helps increase the expression of genes which reduce the fat in your belly.


4.    Suppress appetite

High appetite is convicted as one of causes of fat storage in your body. Technically following your appetite makes you lose control of diet. Taking apple cider vinegar diet helps suppress your brain that controls appetite which results in reduced desire to eat.


5.    Stimulates digestion

Apple cider vinegar diet is able to stimulate digestion, which at the same time reduces the amount of fat in digestive tract. It helps your intestine to deliver nutrients from food you eat. Having unhealthy food stay too long in your intestine may cause several health problems. 

How to Take Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Actually apple cider vinegar can be consumed in various ways, however only some of them are favorite. The most common way is to take a spoon of ACV before each meal. This is considered as the most effective way to gain the benefit at its most. Consuming apple cider vinegar before meal helps reduce your appetite, which helps reduce food intake. Thanks to the pectin substances found in apple that help you feel more satisfied and full.

Do you know? Taking ACV before meal is considered to be more effective than eating raw apple. The acid contained in apple cider vinegar diet helps the digestion of protein as well as building blocks for hormones. The increase of protein affects to hormone synthesis in the body. Meanwhile, some of hormones break down fat cells to shed your fat. If you think that the smell and taste of ACV is too strong, feel free to dilute the cider vinegar in several substances. Cider liquid can be diluted in a glass of water. In case you do not really like the flavor, add natural sweetener. If you like, put some lemon slices into the water. Some people also have ACV with tea.

Not only as drink, can apple cider vinegar diet actually be taken as ingredients of your dish. There are hundreds of recipes using ACV. These recipes commonly can be found in vegan websites or healthy lifestyle magazine. For the simplest one, you can take the vinegar as dressing for your salad. However consuming cider vinegar in this way is not as effective as taking raw ACV or diluted with water.

Important thing to note when taking apple cider vinegar diet, do not expect sudden change. It is not like product diet that promises weight loss only in 2 or 3 weeks. Considering ACV is purely made from fermented apple cider, it does not work as fast as chemical products. This method usually takes a while to show you the result. Some people claim to see the change in 3 months; however it depends on your body condition as well as lifestyle. Combining ACV with healthy diet and workout is also recommended to optimize its work.

Side Effects of Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Apart from the health benefits offered by apple cider vinegar, this diet solution also has a side effect. Some people have different view about ACV to lose weight. While many people put their trust on cider and take it into their weight loss program, get informed of some side effects that may occur caused by daily intake of apple cider vinegar diet.

1.    Worsen your immune system

It is surprising to know that cider vinegar can actually worsen immune system. People might tell you that ACV is rich of probiotics that helps keep the good gut bacteria, which means it gives you strong immune system. Otherwise, the chance is you will lose good nutrients from your guts. How can it be? ACV is one of fermented foods; however it works slightly different than the other real fermented foods. Apple cider vinegar diet does not give any difference in immune system. Instead, it lets you lose all the nutrients which may worsen immune system.


2.    Cause weak feeling

Whether you feel it or no, taking ACV can make you feel weak all the time. The fact that ACV allows your body to burn calories, it may cause bad effect toward body itself. When you have few calories left, obviously you will feel extremely weak. Instead of consuming vinegar as drink, you may replace it with other method. For instance, you can involve protein, vegetables or carbohydrates on your meal and use ACV as dressing. This is considered to be safer rather than the first method. Your body still gets fueled, at the same time you get the benefit of apple cider vinegar diet.


3.    Give temporary lose weight

You might be enthusiastic to see the scale that moves to the left. However, you have to understand that the weight you have lost might come back. In certain period, there is chance your metabolism slows down even though you take ACV regularly. When the time comes, it will be harder to shed fat from your body.


4.    Increase appetite

You have heard so many times that apple cider vinegar diet helps suppress your appetite. What if it works reversely? Drinking a lot of ACV diluted in water makes you even hungrier than before. Vinegar contains low calories causing you to feel hungry even faster. Some people find it is satisfying by drinking a glass of water with cider vinegar. After your body wasted them out, you are going to feel hungry.


5.    Cause stomach issue

Vinegar is acidic; there is no doubt on it. Unfortunately, some people do not tolerate acidity that it may cause serious stomach problem. Even though only few people suffer from this, apple cider vinegar diet might be responsible for stomach ulcer or inflammation. Before deciding to take this magical potion, you have to make sure that you do not have history of ulcerative colitis or other stomach issue.

What do you think about the pros and cons of apple cider vinegar? Has been around for many years, cider vinegar seems to have special place in people’s heart. Not to mention the many buzzing issues that ACV is powerful to lose weight effectively. Whether you want to take it as part of weight loss program or not, the decision is in your hand. By knowing the health benefits and side effects caused by apple cider vinegar diet, at least you have something to take into account. In conclusion, apple cider vinegar remains a healthy and beneficial option to shed fat. However, do not expect too much because ACV is just like the other vinegar. Understand yourself because cider vinegar also has side effect that may cause health problem instead of health benefits. 

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