Avoiding Fat Factor for Better Quality of Life

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Avoiding Fat Factor for Better Quality of Life – Based on data in 2015, a fifth of total population in some of the most developed countries has obesity. The weightiest nation by far is United States. However, other developed countries like Australia, England, and Canada are following its steps not too far behind. Although people realize that being overweight or obese possesses real hazard to their health, you can only see that number of such case is increasing by day. If you can avoid or work around a fat factor, this condition can be prevented. Let’s learn about the danger of having excessive weight, causing factors, and how to avert this condition before it is too late.

Fat Factor List That You Should Know

Some people might think that those who are overweight or obese simply do not have enough self-control in regards to eating, especially unhealthy food. This fat factor list will show that, while it might be true in some cases, self-control is not the only thing causing excessive weight gain.

Eating Habit

Food with strong flavor tastes better to most people, there is no use in denying that. You may prefer eating a cheeseburger than a plate of kale salad. Indulging yourself in such treats is reasonable if done once in a while. However, succumbing to your taste bud preference too often will increase your chance in gaining weight uncontrollably. Those who are used to eating food with high sugar or salt content may find a hard time changing their diet.

Other eating habits that should be mentioned in this fat factor list are eating portion and period. There are people who eat a lot at once and those who eat moderately. Perhaps you are one of the people who get hungry easily so you often take meal break. These habits have been built up for a long time that it will be difficult to break. But if you want to avoid overweight and obesity, changes must be done.

Minimum Physical Exercise

Exercising is a way to strengthen your body. Its main function is to speed up your metabolism process. It will ensure that calories which are inside your body will be burned thoroughly and not stored as fat. People whose daily activities contain little to no physical movements will have higher chance to become overweight and even obese because of that reason.

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Social and Cultural Environment

Social and cultural environment is a fat factor which is often overlooked. Feast is not a foreign thing in some cultures. When there is a cultural celebration, you are expected to eat food which is high in sugar, sodium, and animal fat. In some places, high in calorie fried food is more common than in other places. This social and cultural influence will affect your eating habit.

Another influence that your social and cultural environment may give is body shape perception. Although bizarre, in certain cultures, being fat is highly appreciated. This perception leads people to think that becoming overweight is totally normal and not harmful. Overweight person who lives in a community that share similar characteristic will not find anything wrong with it

High Availability of Cheaper Processed Food

One fat factor which causes surge in obese population is processed food. You can find prepackaged food and fast food chain restaurants anywhere around the world. In some countries, like United States, this type of food is much cheaper than the healthy one. It also tastes better than most nutritious food. The affordability and high presence of low nutrients processed food make it more desirable than healthy food to many people. Such food is known to have various preservatives and additives which will make you face health complication in the future

Being Misinformed

A fat factor that becomes more common in this digital era is misinformation about health and good diet. Many people are receiving false information related to overweight and obesity. This situation often hinders their attempts to control disproportionate weight gain or plan for weight reduce. As an example, you may find vague diet method which claims to help you losing weight in days. You may not find any change after following such method. In worse case, it can create health issues for you instead

Issue in Endocrine System

Endocrine system issue is a serious fat factor. There are some hormones which have relation with obesity, such as leptin and insulin. Leptin gives sign to the body when its fat mass decreases in size. You will feel hungry when this hormone’s level in your blood decreases. If leptin does not work as it is supposed to, eating behavior might become uncontrollable. In obese people, this condition can get worse as leptin cannot adequately send signal to brain.

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The role of insulin as fat factor is still heavily debated by scientists. However, research has suggested that people who produce high level of insulin within their bodies tend to develop obesity. Insulin controls energy storage in your body. When its level is high, body will maintain fat since there is no need to convert it as energy


If you are in certain medical conditions, you may be prescribed some medications. Consuming medications is another fat factor since several medicines are known to add weight. Antidepressants and medicines for diabetes are consistently linked with weight increase. This condition cannot be helped until you are declared to be free from medication


You probably have never thought about it, but obesity can be a hereditary condition. Genetic is considered a fat factor since various observations show that obese people come from families which are obese too. Genes are said to be able to influence body’s ability to store fat. If your genes influence extra storage in body’s fat pockets, you are more susceptible to overweight and obesity.

Psychological State

This fat factor is often neglected but actually plays a huge role. Psychological state can have physical manifestation. As an example, if you are stressed, your body may be thrown out of balance. Your hormones probably do not work as they should. There are also cases where stressed person overeat to cope with their strained mental state.

Why is It Important to Avoid Fat Factor?

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) has shown that you are in overweight range, or worse obesity, you should be cautious. Being fat does not only affect your appearance. Research has shown that it affects you psychologically. Your self-esteem may suffer because you do not like the way you look or have poor body image. Judgments from your social environment can also hurt. Obese people can be vulnerable to anxiety and depression because of those reasons.

People who have excess weight are also prone to some dangerous illness. Cardiovascular diseases are the most common ones experienced by obese people. Kidney and liver issues can happen to you too if you do not control weight gain. Another common issue is sleep apnea which can be fatal if not treated. You must find ways to avoid any fat factor.

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Avoiding Fat Factor for Better Life

Certain causes of overweight and obesity cannot be averted. However, for fat factor that you can avoid, you better stay as far as you can. Here are three tips to keep out obesity

Fixing Eating Habit

Do you have a bad eating habit? If you do, fix it as soon as possible. You have to start planning healthy and balance diet. Making sure that you fulfill every single nutrient your body needs without going overboard is the most important thing to be aware of. In addition to that, you have to limit sugar, salt, and oil in your food. Paying attention to how your food is prepped is also important. Processed food is also something that needs to be kept away. Try to prepare your own food and design menu that is within your financial capability

Exercising Regularly

As stated before, low amount of physical exercise is believed to be a fat factor. You need to begin regular exercise to maintain body functions. If exercising is something entirely new to you, try a little bit at a time. You do not have to endure vigorous exercise right away. A simple activity, like walking, will help you. As the time goes by, you can increase your level of exercise

Developing a Peaceful Mind

Your psychological condition can cause imbalance in your body which may promote extensive weight gain. Even with a hectic schedule, you have to try developing and maintaining a peaceful mind. If you have time to take a break from your daily activities, you should go on picnic or quiet holiday. You can also try meditation like yoga to help you relax.

Hopefully, you will have a great understanding after learning about fat factor list and the importance of avoiding it. You should utilize tips that have been explained above to make sure that this condition will be kept out from you. Just remember, it takes many efforts to succeed but the payoff will be worth it.

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