All about BRAT Diet and Upset Stomach That You Need to Know

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All about BRAT Diet and Upset Stomach That You Need to Know – Achieving healthier body through diet is not an easy thing and so is BRAT diet. That’s why there are several things you need to know about this diet before you proceed to follow the plan. Some of you may assume that all you need to follow is the diet plan, suffering in hunger or limiting your food options. This is where you all are wrong.


For your information, Diet is more than that and everything you follow in a diet plan must be in line with what the body needs; for an example when you desire for a slimmer and fitter body. In this case, high-fiber foods are recommended and please avoid foods which contain a certain material for your body to fatten up. The same goes to this particular diet regime as it is designed to achieve something.


BRAT Diet and Its Benefits


After you understand the whole idea of a diet plan, now you will be enlightened by the idea of BRAT diet which is mentioned before. BRAT here does not necessarily carry a meaning by itself. Only, the word BRAT is an acronym for the diet plan that you must follow. Below is the review of each abbreviation in the word BRAT.


  1. Banana

Yes, the first alphabet of this BRAT diet stands for bananas. As you know, banana is everything; from supplying the right amount of carbohydrates to power up your energy to help you focus in the middle of work due to its potassium.


Obviously, this exotic fruit offers so many health benefits rather than brings disadvantages. Meanwhile, the best thing about bananas in this BRAT diet is it provides you bowel health. You see, banana is a low-fiber fruit and because of this, it is effective to stop constipation as well as restoring your bowel function.


  1. Rice

In addition, the second alphabet in BRAT diet is for rice. Well, it goes without saying that rice is one of the most important foods in our life. Moreover, you may live in south-east Asian countries as rice is the staple food. However, despite being common in society as people’s choice when it comes to eating, not so many people really know the benefits of rice. Even some of you may consider that it is not really an option for a diet plan to work.

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One of its benefits, without many realizing, is that it helps you to prevent cancer. In addition, it can also become an ailment for certain skin problems. Do you know that rice can also brighten your skin? Bet you don’t. Also, in relation to the BRAT diet, rice can give a relief from your irritating bowel syndrome and helps to prevent constipation.


  1. Applesauce

Well, the third ingredient which plays a big part in this diet is applesauce. Many of you may claim that applesauce is not necessarily different from a whole apple. You are not wrong, but on one side, applesauce is easier to digest than an apple. It is obvious since applesauce is a puree made of stewed apples.


In addition to apple, hone is often added into applesauce. So, it is safe to say that applesauce provides you with more nutrition. Thus, with said ingredients contained in it can help to solve some of the health problems. One easy example for its role in BRAT diet is that the low fiber in applesauce can help to stop diarrhea.


  1. Toast

The last thing recommended for you to eat is toast. You are reading it right, toast. Now, it must be confusing for you, what’s so special about toast that it is recommended in this diet. The most logical reasoning of this is the fact that toast contains low-fiber. Moreover, like the rest of foods which also contains low-fiber, toast is good to relieve an upset stomach.


In one side of BRAT diet, by eating toast, you can add more bulk to the stool and this definitely helps in stopping diarrhea as it will come out just as your normal and usual bowel movement. Meanwhile in another, this plain food will aggravate your stomach as it will be harder for stomach to break it down. The best thing about toast is that it will also provide enough energy for the day.


You see, all these four types of foods complement each other in terms of nutrition. They all have one correlation to one another for a healthier bowel. With the perfect amount of each for combination, this BRAT diet regime can be the perfect solution to diarrhea and constipation.

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However, just remember that you don’t have to restrict the options in receiving nutrition only to these four types of food since you can have any other foods besides these four in this diet plan. What you need to note, however, the foods have to be all bland foods.


As you can see for yourself that the previously mentioned foods in BRAT diet are all bland foods. Therefore, it will be okay to eat just any other foods as long as they are all bland. Yes, it is bland because bland foods are low-fiber. Thus, it obviously will help to ease your stomach.


Is BRAT Diet Totally Safe?


While it is recommended by many doctors for the past decades, now BRAT diet is considered to be not so healthy for a child. As it is an outdated eating regime, it was calculated in general and it may not fully provide what the body’s needs. So, you could say that this diet plan is not the best option to treat an upset stomach.


In line with this, now the AAP even no longer promotes and supports this diet for either infants or children. The problem lies within the foods in the diet plan itself. These four foods, while considered to be helpful in one way, are also deemed to not offer the body enough nutrition for healing. This was proved through a BRAT diet study conducted lately.


They said that in the study, the ill babies who ate a variety of low-fiber foods—rice and bananas—have more reduction in stool rather than those who only eat one type of low-fiber food—rice. The previous study even showed that the toddlers who suffer from diarrhea developed malnutrition after following this particular diet plan for two weeks.


With these studies, now it can be concluded that BRAT diet is not a very good plan for long-term treatment of an upset stomach. In relation to the previous studies, then it is recommended by AAP to immediately feed the children once they are feeling well.


The Additional Guidelines for BRAT diet


In line with what being stressed in the previous paragraph, diet does not mean you are only allowed to eat one type of foods. There are so much more foods that you also need to pay attention to than only limiting to a certain degree of food. In addition, please keep in mind that your lifestyle can also affect how the diet would turn out.

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  1. Keep Hydrated

This is a simple rule that you need to remember amidst following the diet plan. In most cases, people would forget that they also need water other than the designated foods for their diet. Water, please note, is an important part of our body. Mind you that 80% of our body is made of water, so please drink a lot of water to avoid any fluid losses in your BRAT diet.


  1. Rest, rest, and rest

In addition to that, give your body a break. Well, if you suffer from an upset stomach, then doing anything must be rather painful. You don’t have to rest all day but give your body a chance to rest. The rest will surely help your body to recover faster and better.


  1. Choose Your Options of Foods

While it is explained before that you shouldn’t limit your options of foods in BRAT diet, still, there are several foods that you might want to avoid for your upset stomach. If the options of food for children or infant are generally more limited, adults might want to eat something else like spicy foods.


However, you should note that it is not very recommended for you who suffer from either diarrhea or constipation—to eat anything spicy or fried. Moreover, alcohol as well as caffeine is also strictly forbidden unless you want to upset your stomach more.


  1. Call Your Doctor When It Is Necessary

Well, do not underestimate this. Many of you may claim to be all knowing with this whole BRAT diet and refuse to call a professional doctor when a problem arises in the middle of diet program. This is so wrong; please do not ever underestimate the problem that you face. You may know the basis of this diet plan and the expected outcome. But, if there is something wrong, it is better to just trust your local professional doctor instead of being a hard-headed that you are.

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