Diet Keto: Does It Really Work?

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Diet Keto: Does It Really Work? – When it comes to talking about diet, what come to your mind might be struggle, pain and strict eating plan. People believe that diet is still the best way to lose weight effectively. Not surprising more and more diet methods come to appearance, one of which is diet keto. Few years ago, people believe that reducing fat consumption is all you need for weight loss. This method has been going through for years until new point of view comes.

Diet plan has come to another direction, even crazier than before. For many years, you probably refused to eat fatty meals because you know that fat is banned from your diet list. But now, keto has changed everyone’s perception about losing weight through diet. You can consume high-fat food as much as you want, yet in one condition. You have to reduce the consumption of carbohydrate. Sometimes it does not make sense because this is what keto offers to you. In case you are interested to conduct diet keto, it is essential to know what keto really is.

What Is Actually Diet Keto?

Ketogenic diet or also known as keto for short, is kind of eating plan in which you are required to minimize carb consumption and raise your fats instead. Increasing fat consumption allows your body to use the fat as energy source. Being contradictory with the earlier principle saying that fat consumption is the key of weight gain; diet keto sounds nonsense for many people. People normally take more amount of carbohydrate compared to protein and fat. When you are conducting keto, you have to change the ratio. For instance, someone has average diet containing 55% carbohydrate, 15% protein and 30% fat. When doing keto, he needs to change into 80% fat, 5% carbohydrate and 15% protein.

Diet keto surely does not appear for any reason. According to research, body’s main fuel source comes from carbohydrate. When body gets carbs intake, it will turn the carb into energy prior to the other substance such as protein and fat. It allows the body to store fat when body gets enough source from carb. On the other hand, when you take fewer carb, your body will burn it faster and needs another source to fuel. Body does not have other choice than breaking down fat and burn it into energy. This allows your body to undergo ketosis process.

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Normally you will need 2 to 7 days of diet keto before bringing your body into ketosis. This refers to a body condition when it does not have sufficient carbohydrate for cell to burn into energy. As result, the body starts to make ketones, which are used to replace the missing carb. This is how your body will burn more fat into energy. Considering this concept, now you probably think this diet makes sense.

Many people already try this diet program and most of them show good response. The scale moves to the left, indicating their diet succeeded. There are some reasons why keto is able to give such good result to shed fat. First, eating carb allows your body to retain more fluid to store carb. When it does not have sufficient carb intake, you will lose water weight for sure. Another reason why diet keto is considered effective is the fact that fat is more satisfying. Eating fatty meal makes you feel satisfied longer than carb.

The Important Things to Consider before Taking Diet Keto

Nevertheless, you cannot conduct ketogenic diet randomly. Obviously choosing certain diet should be fitted with your body conditions. Not to mention some diet program might be dangerous for some people. Before deciding to do diet keto, there are some things that you need to consider. Understanding the characteristics of the diet itself helps you determine whether or not this diet suits you.

Keto diet is quite restrictive

Most diet programs are restrictive, keto diet is too. You have to really understand the “take more fat, eat less carb” concept so that your diet runs very well. Keto dieters should eat more meats, healthy fats and also non-starchy vegetables and that is all. The healthy fats should be underlined because many people get this wrong. Keto diet allows you to eat fatty food, yet only healthy ones. Keep consuming junk food containing evil fat will not make this diet work. This is what commonly happens to some people out there.

Consider the long term effect

Experts are divided when it comes to the long term effect of diet keto. On one hand, the diet that requires the dieter to take more healthy fats and reduce carbohydrate shows good sign of energy level improvement. It is caused by the energy source burned by the body. Not only that, keto diet is also able to improve mood of dieters. When you eat carb, the insulin level will be rocketing in your blood. This leads body to be stressed and bring negative impact toward your mood. Meanwhile, such impact is not found in ketosis. It is friendlier to blood sugar level.

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On the other hand, long term ketosis can be harmful, expert says. The accumulation of ketones produced by ketosis process will threat your body. The ketones are actually meant for emergency fuel sources, in which pushing it for long time is not recommended. Some experts also mention that ketones are acidic, which means you build acid when building ketones. Your body react this by pulling calcium from bones. The chance is some problems will occur due to this process. If you already practice diet keto, it is recommended to test your ketone level through urine test to find out whether or not life-threatening complication strikes your body.

Beware of health problems

Another thing to consider before taking diet keto is the chance you will catch keto flu and other health problems. Keto flu refers to a period of headaches, pain, and fatigue, sometimes followed by dehydration. Keto flu happens when your body does not have sufficient amount of carb that helps hold fluid in the body. Lack of fluid may cause dehydration and keto flu. Therefore, it is essential to keep your body hydrated when practicing keto diet.

Some experts also mention the risk of kidney stones caused by this diet. Dehydration and high calcium in your urine will build stones in your kidney. Furthermore, some health problems such as dizziness, muscle cramps and bad breath. Wrong choice of fat also increases the chance of increased LDL cholesterol level in your blood.

Is it suitable for you?

Diet keto might work really well several people, but not for others. Dieters show different result of practicing ketogenic diet. Some people may find keto is really effective to shed fat and lose weight. Unfortunately, keto result varies one another. Instead, they find themselves get health problem.

Food Choices for Diet Keto

In case you are interested to be part of keto dieters, you need to be informed of food choices for diet keto. There are some kinds of food considered as the best for keto. It has been mentioned that keto emphasized on fat consumption above all. So, you have to choose the right diet for keto

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As the key to make your keto works well, pay attention to what kind of fat you are consuming. Do not even think to have fatty junk food because diet keto is not about that. Instead, healthy fat is what you need to take. There are some choices of fat source such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, and butter. These sources can be consumed in different ways as you desire


Protein is another nutrient you should deal with when it comes to diet keto. Protein helps give energy to your body as well as build and replace cells. There are some sources that you consider for protein, such as poultry, eggs, beef and fish. Be careful in cooking these protein sources because wrong cooking process will turn the healthy food into bad fat source.

Non starchy vegetables

All diet programs include vegetables, so does diet keto. In this case, your chance is only non-starchy vegetables like leafy greens, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprout. There are many recipes that you can get to make these nutrient sources taste like heaven.


There are some other foods that you can eat sparingly. Those food include dairy products such as cheese, milk, and yoghurt. You can also take nuts and seeds including sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews and walnut. Fruits are also allowed in this diet program. You can keep consuming bananas, berries and melons.

In conclusion, diet keto has its own characteristics and rules to follow. Even though it sounds contradictory compared to the earlier diet that reduces fat, it is worth to try. Before deciding to practice keto diet that secretly brings health risk, it is recommended to see and talk to your doctor whether this diet is safe for you or not.

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