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Healthydietmaster – I’m going to be sharing with you Easy ways to weight loss diet, some ways that packs that I feel like every goal should know. well every girl should know Easy ways to weight loss diet, if she is actually trying to lose weight and get into better shape. so these are some things that I’ve picked up along the way things some little hacks that I learned. when I was trying to actually lose weight and get into better shape myself. and it really helped me a lot of them really helped me. so I thought that I would share them with you today and these are weight off hacks. But, they’re still healthy they’re not they’re not super EXTREME. they’re simple they’re healthy. so hopefully if you are trying to lose weight and get into their shape. then they can help you they can be helpful to you. so that’s about it and let’s get started with the first pack


Only eat when you sit, don’t stand and eat 

the first weight-loss hack that I’m going to be sharing with you today is simple and easy. the first hack is to not stand what you eat. you know how it goes well, I definitely know how it can go you’re hungry. you go to the kitchen to look for something to eat. you grab something, something small out of the cupboard and eat it. and then a few minutes later you go back for something all small, and then a few minutes after that you go back again to get something else small, and then you go back yet again to get another small part of something, and before you know it. you’ve even way more than you ever thought that you would have just from this constant kind of grading. rather make yourself a decent-sized snack or a decent-sized meal and sit down to eat it. then you’ll actually eat a decent amount of food and you won’t be hungry to keep on snacking constantly. try to make it a rule that you only eat when you’re sitting down to avoid you know this kind of habit of were you constantly snacking just standing around. eating thus eating that you know how it goes.

Eat something before you go grocery shopping

the next weight-loss hug is to eat something before you go out and do your grocery shopping. whether it’s a meal, or just a small snack even if you’re feeling a little bit hungry. just grab a small snack before you go and then you’ll be less likely to make unhealthy impulse purchases like buying junk food. that could keep you from achieving your goal of losing weight. because you know you won’t be as hungry so you won’t be thinking with your stomach obviously. I mean we have less self-control over food when we’re hungry. so just by having a small snack before you go grocery shopping. can help to keep you on track with putting healthier foods in your trolley. healthier foods that can help you to achieve your goals of losing weight. 

Have a specific goal to work towards

the next tag is to have a specific goal in mind with your weight loss diet. it’s really simple sounding and that’s because it is. but just by taking a minute to sit down and think about what your goal is. you can actually help yourself to achieve your overall weight loss diet goal. having a specific goal in mind like saying you’re going to lose two pounds in two weeks for example. or five pounds in a month can actually make you more likely to lose weight. because you’ve actually decided what you want and so you’ll be more likely to stick to your whole plan. just saying you want to lose weight is so vague so rather decide how much weight you want to lose. and then choose a date that you’re going to lose that weight by and it will give you something to work towards. so I don’t feel like it’s just never-ending things. there’s a specific date that you’ll have achieved your goal by.

Don’t snack after meals or when you’re bored

if you’re in the habit of snacking straight off the meals or grabbing a sweet treat after meals even though you’re not hungry anymore. or if you’re in the habit of snacking when you’re bored, does have it can cause you to eat extra calories that you just don’t need. to break this habit rather make a cup of plain herbal tea and sip. on that just the action of making the tea instead of sweet so dessert. can help you to break your old habit and form a new one. then having that tea next to you or in your hand helps to act as a reminder to you know keep up with your new habit. and you can take a sip every time you’re craving comes back. alternatively you can also use gum to do the same thing choose a minty flavors so that it doesn’t necessarily resemble sweets. but it kind of feels fresh and it helps you to break your old patterns. under gum is not the healthiest thing in the world. but I think using it to help break your old snacking habit can really be helpful and just use it until you feel like you’ve broken your old habit. so you can keep a pack of gum in your bag or at your desk for when those cravings hit.

Have a workout schedule and just keep it simple

 the next tag is to have a simple workout schedule that you can actually stick to. so don’t make it too complicated or too extreme and actually schedule it into your week. and that way you won’t have an excuse to say that you don’t have time to work out. because the truth is that you just have to make time for it. for example you could write in your weekly planner to do a workout every Monday, every Wednesday, and every Friday at 6:30 a.m. or whatever times this year studies.

Wear a movement tracker motivation to stay active

have shown that people who wear some kind of step tracker or an activity tracker are more likely to complete their workouts and maintain a more active lifestyle. not that the tracker is not going to be the thing that makes you lose weight. but it can help to keep you motivated to stay active and to just keep you moving more all of which help to burn more calories. which helps to burn body fat the key though with using a fitness tracker or a step tracker is not to overeat to compensate. you know to make up for the movement that you’ve done just keep following your balanced healthy diet to lose weight diet. but for some people wearing a pedometer or an activity tracker it can really be motivating to stay more active.

Stand for 3 hours extra burn up to 150 calories

standing for three hours extra day can help you to burn up to 150 calories. compared to a lower amount of calories burned while sitting. so try to stand for a little bit extra each day instead of you know sitting all day long. if you don’t have a table or a disc that you can stand at while you’re working or you’re studying. you can easily make a little temporary standing desk just by using a box or a large container. place the Box on your desk and then place your laptop on top of the box. you can also set a timer for twenty to fifty minutes at a time. and then when the timer goes off then you’ll know it’s time to sit again or stand again. and this way you’ll remember to alternate you’re standing and you’re sitting.

Get more sleep at least 7 to 8 hours

 the next weight-loss hack is to sleep more isn’t that like the best hangover. when you don’t get enough sleep the cortisol levels in your body that actually rise. now one of the things that cortisol can do is activate reward centers in your brain which can actually make you want to eat more food. a lack of sleep also causes your body to produce a hormone that increases appetite so again makes you want to eat more food. but on the opposite spectrum your body actually burned some calories while you’re sleeping. so that’s pretty cool so try to get at least seven to nine hours of sleep a night that’s what the average adult needs.

Get your chocolate fix in a healthier way

 if you’re a chocolate lover and you always find yourself snacking on chocolates with little bites here. and there they can really start to add up but what you can do is get your chocolate sticks in a healthier way. because pure cacao which is just raw cocoa is actually really good for you. one of my favorite recipes is my three ingredient one serving healthy chocolate it’s so easy to make it’s lower in calories than your average kind of chocolate treat. what you’ll need is one tablespoon of melted coconut oil two distri teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa powder and 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of 100% pure maple syrup. you can also use a little syrup instead of the maple syrup. I just melt the coconut oil by pouring hot water into a large bowl. and then placing a smaller bowl containing the coconut oil into the large bowl. and waiting for the coconut oil to melt it only takes about a minute or two. and you can also add just a little pinch of cinnamon and a tiny little pinch of sea salt if you want you to enhance the chocolate flavor. straight away before it has a chance to start to said it’s been that chocolate mixture into an ice cube tray or you can also use a chocolate mold if you have one. it will make about 3 to 5 small chocolates and place it in the freezer straight away to set. it should set in about 5 to 10 minutes at the most and that’s how easy it is to make healthy chocolate. and it’s one serving so you don’t even have to share it. whatever you don’t eat straight away just store it in the fridge so that it doesn’t melt. what you can also do is add some cacao powder to your oatmeal your overnight oats. your breakfast smoothie I like to add 2 to 3 teaspoons to my oats and most movies to make a healthy chocolate breakfast roll. cacao powder is full of antioxidants and minerals like calcium potassium magnesium and zinc. and whoa cacao nibs are also amazing. they’re just crushed cocoa beans so it’s like chocolate in its purest form. so that’s a great way to get your chocolate fixed in a healthier way without adding too many calories. but you’re adding a lot of extra nutrients to your diet.

Eat healthy alternatives instead of junk foods

 you can eat healthier alternatives to almost any of your favorite unhealthy junk foods. what I like to do is make healthy sweet potato fries in the oven it’s a great healthier alternative to french fries and it contains a lot less calories. I’m going to show you my one serving recipe and all that you need is one medium sweet potato which has been rinsed off. then chop that into lumps and slices just be careful with your knife. then you can measure out one tea spoon of cooking oil to grease your baking tray. and then spread your sweet potato slices are evenly into the tray sprinkle that with a little bit of sea salt and black pepper. and you can bake it in an oven that you preheated to about 200 degrees Celsius which is about 390 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 to 40 minutes or until they’re a little bit crispy. and that actually makes quite a big serving for any about 150 calories keep in mind that a single serving of french fries at a restaurant is generally about 400 calories or even more at like 500 calories. so the calories from this recipe is really not much at all. and by eating healthy alternatives to your favorite junk foods you’re actually going to be getting some good nutrients in your weight loss diet. you’re going to most likely be eating less calories than the unhealthier versions. and you’re still getting to eat delicious foods that you love.

Lay out your gym clothes before you go to sleep

the next hack is so basic but I do it all the time. now your workout clothes out before you go to sleep. then just change into them first thing and get your workout done before you can even think about it too much.

Move for a minute after an hour of sitting

also try to get up and move every hour does not only helps to you know burn more calories. because you’re obviously being more active as opposed to just sitting over time. but it’s also much healthier to just keep moving a bit throughout the day. what are sometimes do is set a timer for every 50 minutes to an hour and then when that timer goes off I’ll just get up and move around a bit. you can go to the bathroom you can get some water you can make a cup of herbal tea you can stand while waiting for the water to boil so that you can make your tea. just do a few things stand move around for two to ten minutes for every hour that you’re inactive or every hour that you’re sitting. even just a minute just stand up and move around a bit for a minute.

Don’t skip a meal don’t starve yourself

the tack is pretty straightforward. don’t skip meals to lose weight and don’t stop yourself either. if your body actually needs calories even if you want in to lose weight. so there’s no need to skip a meal in fact it’s best if you don’t. you can easily eat three decent-sized healthy meals per day. plus some snacks if you need them and you can still lose weight in a healthy way. if you try to skip meals and you try to starve yourself you might actually find that you just get so hungry throughout the day. that you just start snacking and eating things that can add up to being way more calories than if you just even a decent meal.

Eat lots of fibre with your meals

eating a diet that’s high in fiber will help to keep you fuller for longer which is great if you’re trying to lose weight. but eating lots of fiber is also important for weight loss diet. studies have shown that people who consume about steady grams of fiber each day and their dad are more likely to lose weight lower their blood pressure and improve their body’s response to insulin. the average adult should be getting about 25 to 35 grams of fiber a day almonds, apples, sweet potatoes ,chickpeas, oats, avocados, bananas these are all good examples of foods that are high in fat.

Get rid of junk foods that might tempt you

the next tag is to just throw it and healthy foods that can tempt you. get rid of any unhealthy foods in your food pantry or your fridge that might tempt you or that could throw your diet off track weight loss diet. and then replace that junk food with healthier food options. and then when you do go looking for some snacks you’ll be actually be more likely to choose something healthy to eat. because there will be more healthy options for you to choose and less unhealthy options.

Have easy go to meals that you can make quickly

have some go to meals that you can either meal prep ahead of time. or that you can quickly throw together in a hurry having these easy go-to meals can be a total lifesaver. when you’re feeling starving and you need some food ASAP or when you’re feeling tired after a long day. and these go-to meals they can really help to prevent you from ending up in general eating fast food every single day. I have a few go-to healthy recipes and meals that I make most often. and I know these recipe so well that it really doesn’t feel like a big effort to make them. also along with go to meals have some go to healthy snacks as well that you can keep on hand. whether you know that’s Alcott or toast fruit and nuts or even some healthy snack bars. just have some healthy snack options in your kitchen that you can just grab in a hurry when you’re feeling hungry.

Eat all the food groups while losing weight

the next tag is to eat all three of the food groups to lose weight. low carb and low fat diets are so life beggared if we’re going to be completely honest. you know these restrictive diets they’re out of fashion because they’re not very sustainable long term. and so many studies have shown us that healthy fats and whole and processed carbs are actually good for us. so if you’re trying to lose weight eat good whole carbs healthy fats and good sources of protein with each of your daily meals. this is going to help your body to get all of the nutrients that it needs. because your body does need to get all three of the main food groups and eating this way will also give your body better longer-lasting energy.

Bulk up your meals with low calorie veggies

so what you can do after getting all three food groups onto your plate is bulk of your meal with some low-calorie vegetables. obviously you can’t survive on just low-calorie vegetables your body does mean healthy calories to weight loss. so after you’ve got a decent sized meal already you can fill up the rest of your plate with some vegetables. this will help to fill up your tummy in case you’re still feeling hungry and we need to be eating more vegetables anyway. so this is also a great healthy light attack.

Avoid calorie loaded salad dressings

the next hack may seem strange but it’s to avoid salad dressings. salads are usually healthy, but the dressings are often loaded with refined sugar and lots of calories too. so avoid salad dressings out of the bottle and at restaurants if you can or rather make your own salad dressing. just throws a 1 teaspoon of olive oil over your salad. with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice a little sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper and you can even make it a little more flavorful by adding about a 1 teaspoon of and Sweden balsamic vinegar or even some apple cider vinegar. or you can just ask your dressings on the side when you go to eat so that way you’ll only eat what you actually need.

Eat a decent breakfast every single morning

 the last weight-loss hack that I’m going to be sharing with you today is to eat breakfast. breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you guys know that I love breakfast. because it gives you energy for your day ahead and it also sets the tone for your entire day of eating. so don’t skip out on breakfast to try to lose weight that could actually totally backfire. when you feel starving a few hours later and then you grab whatever is around you to eat. rather eat a healthy nourishing breakfast that will actually keep you full for the entire morning and that will give you good energy.


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