Exercise to Lose Weight with Effective and Efficient Calorie Burning

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Exercise to Lose Weight with Effective and Efficient Calorie Burning – Exercise is a part of human life to support daily activity, but it is more intense. In simple term, any activity to increase calorie-burning rate physically will be put into exercise. The main objective is physical fitness while the effect extends to mental and social level. Today, people do exercise because they have body weight issue that requires utmost attention. Therefore, exercise to lose weight will have the main objective to reduce recent weight level, keep endurance, agility, and cardiovascular in excellent condition.

Understanding the Exercise to Lose Weight

Before doing exercise to lose weight, there are important things to know as preliminary knowledge. You cannot just do running, push-up, and weight lifting without knowing why you do such activities. In general, everyone does exercise every day, such as walking, doing house chore, using stairs, and other small activities that look trivial. As long as there are physical movements, such things are called as exercise, though people are rare to realize it.

Losing weight is about calorie deficit during metabolism process. In past time, people did outdoor job on workplace because most of tasks were physically required. Today, offices and building becomes primary workplace where people sit in front of computer. As result, the body does less activity, but still consume usual calorie. This is primary factor why overweight and obesity becomes the headline health issue around the world. People have illness that comes from their own lifestyle and it is not caused by bacteria or virus anymore.

The basic thing about exercise to lose weight is more calories that body spends than intake. From this point of view, expert or professional can help to select what kind of exercise that suit your condition. In general, the exercise falls into four categories, which are endurance, balance, strength, and flexibility. Endurance is exercise to prolong body performance that requires excellent breathing and excess oxygen. Moreover, balance is what you do to prevent falling easily. Strength increases muscle level and bone density to improve power, while flexibility is about the way muscle and body move freely.

Besides those categories, exercise may put in category, such as aerobic and anaerobic. To do aerobic exercise, you will require excellent cardiovascular and breathing control. When doing this kind of exercise to lose weight, body tends to move regularly from one spot to another. Some people say this thing as dynamic exercise. Furthermore, the second type is anaerobic with the purpose to tone the muscle, keep balance, and enhance strength. People do this exercise without dynamic movement, which called as static exercise. All of exercises have capability to burn calorie then reduce the weight level.

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Doing Exercise to Lose Weight


When asking about exercise to lose weight, running is the first thing that comes up in everyone mind. This is the simplest activity to lose the calories. Moreover, you do not have to own expensive gears or visiting the fitness center. Well, running is available in your neighborhood or local track in city park. This activity is capable to improve endurance, agility, and strength. You can do this activity regularly for thirty minutes in the morning and afternoon.

Running has few variations to prevent having boredom situation. You can join group running with friends and family while doing social interaction. Jogging may help for beginner as it warms up process before accelerating to high pace. Combine running and jogging to maintain your endurance and oxygen supply. You can participate in marathon training with long distance track in order to manage the upper and lower body endurance. Another running exercise to lose weight is aqua jogging. It is jogging but in low water area, mostly river or special track with water as resistance.

There are other choices for different running types. If you do not have time for outdoor activity, set treadmill then do small to mild running exercise. Gym becomes the good place to enjoy exercise and most of trainers will put running at the top priority activity. For intensive running, try sprinting on hill or mountain. It requires strong foot and thighs to keep at the high pace.


The next exercise to lose weight is cycling. You need bike and few gears to do this exercise. During this activity, all muscle and organ work simultaneously, including cardiovascular system. You can cycling in any place, as long as the safety becomes the top priority. It belongs to dynamic exercise and aerobic category.

Cycling has quite similarity to running in term of simplicity, endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance. You move muscle, bone, and joint in harmonic state to keep balance then push forward with strength. Cycling requires long distance track, which involve endurance for long period exercise. You can do cycling with friends to release stress and give different atmosphere. Beginner and regular bikers can start cycling in normal track. For more challenging exercise to lose weight, you may do hill or mountain biking. However, it needs trainer and specific gear that’s a little bit expensive.

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Active sport

One issue about weight loss program is consistency. You may have commitment to do particular exercise, but in bad mood. It is usual situation that trainers or experts try to overcome immediately. They suggest to various exercises to lose weight with sport, such as football, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, etc.

In this exercise to lose weight, you can choose what your favorite sport then play it. Football and basketball are social sport where you can interact while doing exercise. As a matter of fact, it is the most common solution after running. You involve in dynamic and excess physical movement, such as running and jumping. Your body will burn more calories, and then your mind focuses on game to follow the rule. You may not realize that your body spends much calorie through sweating because your mind is good mood to score goal and gain more points. On the other hand, tennis and badminton are excellent sports to try because they involve upper and lower body movement. Both requires excess calories to keep the endurance, strength, agility, flexibility, and mind focus.


Swimming is one of popular ways for exercise to lose weight. The water brings relaxing situation to boost feeling. Keep in mind that this exercise is for people with swimming skill. Training from beginning is not the option because your focus is not losing the weight anymore. In swimming, body uses arm, leg, limb, and torso to move forward and backward. You can combine swimming with other water-based activities.

Weight lifting and static exercise

Weight lifting is exercise to enhance physical endurance and strength. It belongs to anaerobic activity where body does not use much oxygen. On the other side, body needs calorie to support movement on muscle, bone, and joint. You can have small lifting or involve in excess weight lifting. In order to do proper lifting, this exercise needs professional trainer. The other choices of anaerobic exercise to lose weight are push up, squat, or anything you can do without moving around too much. They have benefits to maintain the flexibility, strength, and mind focus. Moreover, you can do it anytime and anywhere as long as you have enough space to stand firm

Jumping or skipping rope

If you have spare time, jumping rope is excellent choice. At first glance, it looks easy because you just swing the rope upward to pass your head then jump to let it pass under the feet. Unfortunately, it is tough exercise for people with weight issue. With steady pace, jumping rope burns excess calorie from fat then your body will exhaust more sweating. It is regular activity where you can do in the morning before breakfast. One good thing about this exercise to lose weight is you do not need complex gear, just rope.

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Other Thing Related to Exercise to Lose Weight

There are still many exercises with the main purpose to lose weight. You can do kickboxing, hiking, rowing, and sand running. At gym, the trainer provides gears to support different exercise. If you want different exercise to lose weight, try yoga that combines mental and physical training. All of them focus on calorie burning to keep the body in balance. Therefore, body spends fats to support those exercises.

Moreover, exercise is only a part of weight loss program, but there are other things to do that go side by side to reach the success. Firstly, it is about foods and drinks that body consumes every day. As it mentioned above, weight loss needs deficit calories, which means you should avoid foods with excess carbohydrate, sugar, and fats. Do not take sugar-based drink after doing exercise to lose weight. You will feel better, but the body receives calories again immediately. Instead of deficit, you might increase calorie intake. Eat more vegetables and fruits because they contain health nutrition, such as vitamins and minerals that help to burn calorie faster. Lastly, for smoker, you should stop smoking at all. As you know, there is no good help when you are smoking during weight loss program.

In addition, you can do exercise at moderate level to gain the better result. People are eager to have fast effect while just doing exercise. Furthermore, they forces to do excess and intensive training that strain muscle and body. This thing gives bad effect that will tear apart everything you hope. In this case, you need professional help from expert to formulate the best exercise to lose weight.

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