Food Diet Menu to Achieve an Ideal Weight

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Food Diet Menu to Achieve an Ideal Weight – Being overweight is not good for your health, so does being underweight. Every person has their own ideal weight. This ideal weight depends on several factors and is different for different people. These factors include gender, height, age, bone density, and muscle-fat ratio. However, people with the same height and weight can also look different because of these factors, their body shape, and the fat locations on their body. Therefore, an ideal weight cannot be generalized for all people. To achieve and maintain it, people have to mind their own food diet menu.

Before Determining Your Food Diet

How do you determine your food diet? It depends on your need. By planning your diet, it means that you want to achieve your ideal weight. Your ideal weight can be determined by using BMI or Body Mass Index. It is a simple measurement which you can calculate by yourself. BMI uses your height and weight as the considerations to decide whether you have an ideal weight or not. After inputting your information related to height and weight in a BMI calculator, you will get a specific score which explains your ideal weight information.

In BMI calculator, if your score is less than 18.5, you are considered as underweight. If you have the score between 18.5 and 25, you are considered as normal. If you have 25 to 30, you are overweight. If your score is over 30, you are obese. Even though some say that BMI calculator is problematic, it is one of the measurement methods commonly used by people. The result also provides a range of weight and does not point a specific weight for a specific height. Therefore, you can consider this method to know your ideal weight and later prepare for an appropriate food diet menu.

In achieving an ideal weight, people may lose their weight or gain their weight. A different purpose has a different menu and exercises. The menu differences are related to what they should eat and how much they need to eat. Information about what they need to eat for each program is listed below along with the examples of an eating plan for one day.

Food Diet Menu for Weight Loss Program

Some people take the wrong concept of weight loss program. Some of them tend to think that they need to limit their eating, to forget their favorite food, or to skip the meals. They even stay in hunger in order to lose their weight. It may work, but it is not healthy at all. To limit an eating portion is right, but to skip the meals is a big no. Having the right food diet menu can help you lose your weight without skipping a delicious treat.

Basically, people who are in a weight loss program still need carbs and even fats Of course, they need them in the right portion. One of the most important things for a weight loss program is avoiding sweetened food and drink which are easily found everywhere. Usually, they are found in packed food and drink such as packed juice and packed flavored milk. Even the though juice is fine for your food diet menu, the packed one is something you need to avoid.

Before planning the appropriate menu, you need to know how much calories that your body needs in one day. After you acknowledge it, you can start determining the right food to be put on your menu. You can ask a help from a dietitian to decide how much calories you need. Here is an example of a food diet menu for a weight loss program based on 1,200 calories.

1.    Breakfast Menu

For breakfast, you can have a glass of smoothies combined with your fruits. You can make a banana-berry smoothie without adding sugar. Blend a half of banana, one cup of berries, and eight ounces of non-fat milk together. You can also have an additional one or two boiled eggs after enjoying your smoothies. For another breakfast, you can have a bowl of cooking oats. Combine a half cup of oats with a half of apple, unsweetened soy milk, a teaspoon of honey, and a bit cinnamon. Then, you will be ready for your morning activities.

2.    Lunch Menu

An example of lunch menu to lose weight is easy to be made. It is a chicken salad. To make it, you need to combine four ounces of skinless boiled chicken breast, one tablespoon of mayonnaise, one tablespoon of unsweetened Greek yogurt, a quarter cup of grapes, and some lettuces. In addition, you can also have one banana after having this chicken salad. If you feel hungry before the dinner comes, you can have an apple, a handful of berries, a pear, or one cup of fruit layered by cottage cheese.

3.    Dinner Menu

For dinner, you can have salmon as the food diet menu. Take three ounces of boiled salmon combined with 1 ¼ cups of coleslaw, two green onions, one tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of vinegar, and spice or another seasoning that you like. To add the salmon, you can also have an apple and ¾ of a whole grain.

Food Diet Menu for Weight Gaining Program

For a weight gaining program, the food diet menu is different from the previous one. To determine your menu, you also need to find how much calories that you need in one day. Basically, people who are in a weight gaining program need more protein for their body than those who are in a weight loss program. They need this high protein food on their menu. Food and drinks which are considered for the high protein include cheese, milk, full-fat yogurt, avocados, cereal bars, potatoes, red meats, and salmon. If needed, they can also have a protein supplement. Here is the food diet menu for weight gaining program based 2900 calories for a day.

4.    Breakfast Menu

For breakfast, your food diet will be a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of orange juice. For the oatmeal, combine 65 grams of oatmeal with one banana, two teaspoons of honey, and 25 grams of nut. This menu will make you start your morning with a huge energy. However, if you feel hungry before having your lunch, don’t worry. You can have a granola bar a healthy snack.

5.    Lunch Menu

For lunch, you can have a salmon along with a salad pitta as for the food diet. You can have 200 grams of salmon combined with two tablespoons of mayonnaise and two whole-wheat pitta breads. After that, you can have an apple to complete your breakfast. Again, if you feel hungry before the dinner comes, don’t worry. You can have one slice of wheat toast or one banana as a snack.

6.    Dinner Menu

The food diet for dinner will be cod fish fillet, potatoes, and salad. You can have 150 grams of cod fillet, 300 grams of potato wedges which are cooked along with one tablespoon of oil, and salad which are mixed with one tablespoon of olive oil. Even though you already have this dinner menu, you can also have another snack if you are hungry. Consider one fruit yogurt or 30 grams of dark chocolate as your snacks.

The previous menus for food diet in different purposes will work well if you take them as a habit. The menu is prepared in such ways so that you won’t feel stressed. You can still eat delicious food and even have a snack before going to the next meals. However, they are just examples. It does not mean that you have to stick in those menus. You can have other different menu by considering the calories that your body needs in a day. In addition, the menus mentioned earlier cannot directly loss or gain your weight instantly. You need various days to achieve your ideal weight.

However, besides thinking about food diet, you also need to have some exercises and workouts. Gaining weight does not mean you don’t need any exercises. You still need it to support you weight gaining. Then, after you have the right menu and exercise, you need to check your weight routinely. It is essential so that you can monitor your improvements. You can keep a weight journal with you while having these programs. Then, if you have already reached your ideal weight, what should you do? Do you need to stop having these menus and go back to your previous menu?

You need to stay on track by consuming healthy food and doing the appropriate exercises. You can have a different menu which is considered based on your needed calories. However, there are other important factors which can help you in maintaining your ideal weight. Food diet is important, but your mental condition is also important. To keep your ideal weight on track, you need to have enough sleep and avoid stress. Then, you also need to be hydrated by having enough water. In addition, to have your favorite food or drink as an occasional treat is also recommended.

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