Healthy Snacks, the Secret to a Successful Diet Plan

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Healthy Snacks, the Secret to a Successful Diet Plan – Snacks are often the ones being blamed whenever someone faces unwanted weight gain. In fact, not all snacks are bad and eating them is not something to avoid completely. There are some choices of healthy snacks you can consume on a weight loss diet plan, even some of those can help in weight loss. What are they? Read below and find out the secret to a successful diet plan.

Some Examples of Healthy Snacks that Aid Weight Loss

Greek Yogurt with blueberries and honey

Whenever you see the word “yogurt”, the sweet and tangy combination along with the freshness on throat are almost instantly felt. That’s right – these sweet, creamy, and nutritious healthy snacks really pamper your taste buds. There is no need to worry when you consume yogurt, because the nutritional values of yogurt are exceptional. The combination of fiber, healthy fats, and protein will help you ease the 4pm hunger. Believe it or not, according to a research held by American College of Nutrition, the vitamin C content in blueberries helps in fat oxidation in your body. Other than blueberries, of course other favorite fruits such as strawberries and bananas can be used. To sweeten the yogurt without adding many calories, add a tablespoon of honey or a packet of stevia sweetener.

Apple and Nonfat Milk

Apples are low in calories, and apples do not contain any fats or cholesterol. Other than that, apples are also high in fibers, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Have a cup of nonfat milk to accompany your apples. Milk is an excellent source of protein, which aids in weight maintenance or weight loss. Compared to carbohydrates that get digested quickly and leaves you feeling sluggish in no time, protein helps in maintaining energy levels and reduces hunger pangs in the next few hours. The combination of an apple and a glass of milk gives you around ten grams of protein and five grams of fiber. The good thing is, both of these super foods combined also totals in less than 200 calories, which means it will not ruin any diet.

Avocado and Cheese

Craving for rich, creamy, and delicious healthy snacks? Try having some avocadoes. This is probably the most delicious way to consume avocadoes: cut a medium avocado in half and throw the seeds away. Take one of the avocado halves and shred some cheese in the cavity. This healthy snack also provides around two hundred calories, 9 grams of protein (that’s nearly one-third of your daily need), and 7 grams of fiber.

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Oatmeal and blueberries

Oatmeal does not always have to be consumed as a breakfast menu. Actually, it can be consumed anytime. Other than being rich in fibers, choosing oatmeal as one of your healthy snacks will help in maintaining blood sugar level. The addition of blueberries will provide sweetness without needing excessive usage of sugar. The vitamin C contained in blueberries is also helpful in maintaining immunity while on a weight loss diet. Try adding blueberries or other fruits on top of plain instant oatmeal, it will change they way you look at oatmeal forever.


This snack is obviously your best friend while watching movies. Maybe you didn’t expect that popcorn is one of the healthy snacks for those on a diet, but it is. In plain popcorn, there is not much fat content. In fact, a cup of plain popcorn only contains around 30 calories. However, don’t choose the buttered or flavored popcorn found in movie theatres, as it will definitely ruin a well-structured weight loss plan.

Low fat ice cream

Who doesn’t like ice cream? The soft, creamy texture and the sweet flavor is definitely addictive. Many people avoid consuming ice cream on a diet because of its high sugar and fat content. However, there are many brands of ice cream that offer low fat content, especially marketed to dieters who look for healthy snacks.

Dark chocolate

This type of chocolate is widely known for the benefits in health and diet. The flavor of dark chocolate is indeed bitterer than the other types of chocolate. It is the result of lower sugar and fat content compared to other chocolates, which makes it one of the excellent alternative healthy snacks while on a diet. Dark chocolate is not only delicious, but it also has several benefits for the body such as improving blood circulation, protecting skin from UV rays, and it also contains flavonoids which help in regulating blood sugar.


Jelly can also be a choice of healthy snack on a weight loss diet plan. The chewy texture and high fiber content will satisfy your hunger. Apart from that, you can incorporate fresh fruits in your jelly to add nutritional value. A serving, or 2,5 grams of jelly powder (which yields roughly a cup of edible jelly) only contains ten calories. Adding sugar and fruits will only increase its calorie count to 100 or less, which makes it the perfect delicious snack which won’t ruin a diet.

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Roasted Seaweed

Instead of having chips, try having roasted seaweed if you crave some crunchy and salty healthy snacks. The calorie content of roasted seaweed is significantly lower than chips, and it obviously helps in weight loss.

Getting Protein from Your Daily Healthy Snacks

Protein plays an important in weight loss and adding some protein sources in diet plan will make you a step closer to your goal. It is recommended to choose these foods for healthy snack.

Canned tuna and Whole Wheat crackers

If milk is not your preferred option for afternoon healthy snacks, canned tuna can be an alternative source of protein and omega-3. Although it is an oily fish, tuna is diet-friendly in its canned form. To get a perfect 200-calorie snack, enjoy 85 grams of canned tuna paired with 5 or 6 whole wheat crackers. You’ll get 3 grams of fibers and ten grams of protein.


Maybe the thought of having shellfish and prawns as healthy snacks has never crossed your mind once. But try it, and it won’t be regretted. Try roasting some breaded prawns and bring along some tomato sauce to accompany it. It’s a way better alternative to nachos or potato chips.

Miso Soup with tofu

Tofu is a vegetarian food source with high levels of protein. In every portion of tofu, a whopping 12 grams of protein is contained. Moreover, it is very easy to find tofu in your local grocery store. Meanwhile, miso is a popular Japanese staple made by fermenting soybeans, rice, or a combination of both and adding a little bit of salt. No wonder, the combination of tofu and miso (both soy products) is an excellent source of protein. A regular portion of miso soup in most restaurants only contains a hundred calories or less.

Banana and peanut butter

Maybe this does not sound like one of the best healthy snacks, but in fact, the combination of these two delicacies really helps in suppressing appetite. The high carbohydrate content of bananas provides instant energy source, and the protein content of peanut butter helps maintaining energy levels. Remember to choose natural peanut butter with no added sugar to get the best results.

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Speaking about healthy snacks, nuts are one type of food that should never be missed. The small size of nuts and their crunchy texture will satisfy your desire to keep chewing. Luckily, snacking on nuts will not ruin your diet – actually, it is very recommended to munch on nuts. Nuts are very rich on fibers and antioxidants. It can also aid in controlling blood sugar levels and produce serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter. The types of nuts recommended to consume on a diet are ground nuts, cashews, soybean, and almonds. Try not to exceed a portion of 100 calories every time you snack on nuts to avoid a backlash.

Secrets to Eat Healthy Snacks without Gaining Weight

Choose satisfying snacks

The main goal of having a healthy snack is to curb hunger. Therefore, it is recommended to choose filling healthy snacks. However, remember that filling does not equal a high volume of high-calorie snack such as pastries or chips. Choose fruits or foods that have high fiber content so you can feel satisfied and full until your next meal.

Choose healthy snacks with high nutritional value

The perfect snack does not exist, but you can make every healthy snack better by choosing the ones with high nutritional value. Being on a weight loss diet puts you in a calorie and nutrition deficit, so it is always best to have filling and nutritious snacks whenever you can.

Consider the calorie count

Calorie count might not be a problem when you’re not on a diet but, it is very important to choose healthy snacks low in calories and fats when weight loss is the goal of a certain diet plan. As we all know, excess calories and fats are the causes of weight gain. Therefore, avoid those foods while on a diet, or the entire plan will be ruined.

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