How to Lose Belly Fat Safely

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How to Lose Belly Fat Safely – Everybody has a possibility to get belly fat. Whether it is a man or a woman, all of them have that possibility. Having belly fat is annoying for some people. They think that it makes them less attractive. In addition, belly fat is also often used as a body shamming which leads to bullying. These factors lead people with belly fat to lose their confidence. Therefore, they always try to find the answer of how to lose belly fat. Are you one of them who try to find it?

Trying to lose belly fat is a wise action. In relation to your health, this fat is really dangerous. It can cause a lot of health risks, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and dementia. However, there are two types of fats which are located in your belly. They are internal belly fat and subcutaneous belly fat. Internal belly fat is the one which can harm your health. Meanwhile, the subcutaneous one is not really dangerous yet some people find it physically unattractive.

The internal belly fat which is ‘hidden’ is located under the abdominal muscles. This fat takes position around the organs inside your body. That’s why it is considered to be more dangerous. It cannot be predicted easily. Then, looking for the way on how to lose belly fat is a good option. However, you need to be careful in choosing the right way to drop the belly fat out.

The process of losing belly fat cannot be finished in a short time. You may see a medicine which claims to have an ability to lose your fat instantly or even in one night. This kind of medicine is really impossible. Even though it can quickly lose your fat, you have to be careful since it will make you face a high chance of health risks in the future. Then, how to lose belly fat safely? You can do it by managing your food and drink, doing workout, and managing your habits.

How to Lose Belly Fat with Food and Drink

The first way to lose belly fat is by managing your nutrients. It is the most important thing since your body metabolism depends on what you eat. Then, how to lose belly fat from the point of view of food and drink? What are food and drink that you should consume? What are food and drink that you need to avoid? Let’s take a look at this list.

1.    Unsweetened Food and Drink

Glucose is one of the main causes of weight-gaining and fat-gaining. It is usually found in carbs and of course, sugar. Food and drink which contain a lot of sugar are risky for your health. Besides, it can also lead you into diabetes. Then, how to lose belly fat? You need to consider consuming unsweetened food and drink. If you cannot avoid sugar, at least you need to decrease the amount of sugar to be used on your food and drink. As a suggestion, mineral water is the best drink for those who are in the middle of the belly fat loss program.

2.    High Protein Food

Consuming more protein is the best way to lose weight. It can also answer your question on how to lose belly fat. Consuming it routinely can avoid your body regaining the weight that you have lost. You can find food containing high protein in seafood, nuts, dairy products, meat, and whole eggs. In addition, a protein supplement can also be an alternative to this.

3.    Food with High Fiber

Eating ten grams of fiber in each day is said to reduce the fat in your belly. It also can help you to lose weight. You can find food with high fibers from vegetable, fruits, whole oats, and legumes. In addition, having fiber supplement is also fine if you are in the situation where you cannot find the food with high fiber.

4.    Green Tea and Green Coffee

Other drinks which can be the alternative on how to lose belly fat are green tea and green coffee. How do these two drinks help you to lose fat? Green tea has been known as a healthy drink for centuries. It contains catechins which can improve the fat metabolism or in other word, helping your body to burn the fat. Meanwhile, green coffee which is made from unroasted coffee seed has chlorogenic acid which reduces the new fat cells. To have one of these two drinks as your morning routine is really recommended.

These are lists of food and drink recommended to you who try to find the answer of how to lose belly fat. In addition, you also need to pay attention to food which has a possibility to gain fat. It is a bit tricky since some of them are labeled as healthy. You need to avoid food listed below to avoid belly fat gaining in your body.

Low-fat Products

Low-fat food has fewer calories and often labeled as healthy food to lose weight. However, you need to be careful with the contents of the product. It is true that it has fewer calories, but sometimes, more sugar is added to it, especially in the packed one. Therefore, you need to check the contents first before consuming a low-fat product.

Packed Fruit Juice

Fruit and vegetable can be an alternative on how to lose belly fat. Fruit juice is good to be consumed, but you need to be careful with packed fruit juice. Usually, more sugar is also added to the packed juice. Later, it will be risky for belly fat gain. If you want to drink fruit juice, do not add sugar to it.

Cow’s Milk

Consuming cow’s milk is quite risky, especially for those who are lactose-intolerant. However, it is still risky for those who are not. It is because the body finds it hard to digest milk. Since milk contains calcium which is needed by your body, you need to replace it with other sources such as salmon, sardine, and almond.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Workout and Exercises

Managing food and drink is not enough to the program of how to lose belly fat. You also need to do some exercises to support this belly fat losing program. You can do some simple workouts for this. To maximize the results, you need to do it routinely. Here is a list of workouts which can help you to lose belly fat.

1.    Crunches and Planks

The first simple exercise on how to lose belly fat is by doing crunches. However, doing planks are also worth to try. These two exercises are quite hard to be done for the first time, but it has a great effect on your belly fat losing program.

2.    Walking

Walking is the simplest way to have exercise for belly fat losing. By having 45 to 60 minutes of brisk walking every day, you can improve your metabolism process which leads into belly fat burning. However, you have to make sure that your body is not forced to do that.

3.    Yoga

Another option on how to lose belly fat is by doing yoga. There is a lot of yoga positions which are good for training the strength of your abdominal muscles. Later, it can also help your body to remove the belly fat.

How to Lose Belly Fat: Other Habits

Besides doing workout and consuming the appropriate food and drink, there are also several important factors which influence the belly fat. They are related to your daily habits. If you maintain these bad habits even though you do enough workout and eat the right food, your belly fat will likely stay there. Then, how to lose belly fat in relation to habits?

Stress is the root of most health problems. If you face stress often, your body metabolism cannot run well, including in burning the fat. Yes, the cause of belly fat is not only on food and drink, but it is also because of stress. Then how to lose belly fat and decrease your stress? The easiest way to reduce stress is by having enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will avoid you from some health problems. When you sleep more, it means that your body will burn more fats. At least, you need to have sleep for seven to nine hours. In addition, sleeping without any lamps or in the dark will help you to increase the quality of sleep.

These are some ways to answer your question on how to lose belly fat. Basically, losing fat and keeping our body healthy depends on our habits. In eating and drinking, you need to have less sugar and less carbs in order to maintain your perfect shape. Doing some workouts in routine will also help you to lose fat. Followed by avoiding stress and having enough time for sleeping, your belly fat losing program can result well and safely. In conclusion, losing belly fat cannot be done instantly. It needs process and patience.

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