Low Carb Diet from Basic Understanding to Practical Implementation

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Low Carb Diet from Basic Understanding to Practical Implementation – Diet is the amount of nutrients that human consumes to fulfill the basic metabolic system. In addition to this term, experts expand to weight management to prevent obesity and keep the body weight in check. There are several types of diet depending on its objective, culture, and health condition. Particular diet is called as low carb diet because it controls the amount of carbohydrate that body takes in order to maintain the calorie balance. Mostly, the diet program focuses to reduce fat consumption, but some people have trouble to manage carbohydrate as the source of sugar.

Understanding the Low Carb Diet

Before you know how to implement low carb diet, there are several things to understand. Based on research, about 50% of human intake is carbohydrate as it’s the efficient energy source for metabolism. The most efficient one is pure sugar that comes from any sweet foods and drinks. Inside the body, carbohydrate will turn into glucose or sugar then transformed into calorie. In general, protein and fats are capable as energy source, but they require the complex metabolism to be ready. That is why most of human foods in many countries are carbohydrate-based foods.


The example of carb foods are pasta, sugar, bread, corn, rice, and starch. Any foods made from grains are considered as carbohydrate. In this diet, the consumption of such foods is reduced to balance the body needs. Keep in mind that you cannot get rid of those foods because you body still needs it. However, you can consume them at lower proportion.


Moreover, the ideal weight and health management is the low carb diet objective. People do this kind of diet since they want to reduce the weight and maintain calorie intake. Most of expert will recommend to measure calorie proportion of what you eat along with body activity. This diet has the basic method and you might do it on your own if you understand the way calorie and metabolism work.


In fact, people get over weight because one issue which is more calories intake than what they spend. As the result, sugar will be in blood then insulin works to transform it into fat-type compound. Therefore, sugar as calorie source is no longer in body and blood, but already in fat form under the skin. As long as the calorie level is balance, there is no worry about any weight issue. Unfortunately, modern life increases more carb intake that leads to high calorie level in body without excess activity and metabolism to spend. This is primary reason why people do low carb diet.

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Another objective of low carb diet is to avoid diabetes. This is one of top illnesses that’s difficult to cure. When you have its symptom, the best way to handle is control the carbohydrate intake, particularly sugar. People with diabetes require insulin treatment regularly to reduce sugar level in blood. In long term, diabetes will affect other organs and increase the probability to other illness, such as kidney failure, heart attack, stroke, low vision, etc. In past time, this diet was common suggestion because the artificial insulin was not available. However today, doctors still recommend it to diabetics for controlling their carb intake.

List of Foods for Low Carb Diet


What you should eat for low carb diet? This is interesting topic to explore because people might have issue to find and enjoy the meal during this diet. In order to compensate low carb intake, body needs other sources. You can eat more natural fats, vitamin, and protein to fulfil calorie requirement.


  1. Meat, chicken, fish, and seafood

Meat and fish are always the protein and fat source. People consume them to gain enough protein for body metabolism. As you know, protein is useful to cell development and immune system. Furthermore, you will get high mass on muscle due to solid protein compound. In addition, fish has natural fat that’s useful to support any metabolism. To extend your consumption, try seafood and chicken for alternative and different recipe.


  1. Vegetables and nuts

Vegetables are common foods that always in many diet programs, including low carb diet. You can have many vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, and asparagus. Some of them are commonly named as fruits, such as tomato. You can also consume nuts to gather the essential nutrients like protein, fats, and mineral.


  1. Dairy products, butter, and eggs

The next foods for low carb diet are dairy product, eggs, and butter. You can have milk, cheese, and yoghurt to support this diet. Be careful when drinking milk and you need to avoid any sweetener to improve its taste. Instead of healthy milk, sugar gives high calorie level when you drink it. That’s contrary choice from the diet objective. For eggs, you better choose organic product.

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  1. Water, coffee, and tea

Besides the foods, you have to choose the right drink. At the top list, water is inevitable choice for every diet. You can have water daily to maintain hydrate level. In addition, coffee and tea is suitable companion to enjoy this diet. But, do not add cream and sugar to keep the calorie in check.


Next thing you should notice in low carb diet is what you should not eat and drink. Diet will be success because of strict food options. In fact, you still need to know some foods with high sugar level. The list below will explain what body should avoid when implementing this diet.


  1. Starch, bread, and pasta

In this diet, avoid bread and starch-based food such as flour and wheat. Furthermore, you cannot have any corn and potato based foods. Other carbohydrate sources are cassava, sweet potato, and rice. All of them are foods with high carbohydrate level that becomes the primary intake in most of people diet.


  1. Sugar foods and drink

Low carb diet avoid sugar from any food and drink. Keep in mind that you can still consume carbohydrate foods at low amount, but no sugar at all. The examples of sugar foods are pastries, cookies, juice, cereal, candy, and cakes. Do not drink milk with sweetener, energy drink, and soft drink. Basically, every junk drink you can get outside is completely prohibited.


  1. Fruits

One issue about this diet is no fruits to consume. In general, you can still consume fruits because they contain fructose that’s different to glucose. However, fructose is easy to turn into glucose as they have similar taste. Most of sweet fruits are restricted in low carb diet. You better choose apple, berries, and orange. However, avoid the fruits with high sweet taste because they are similar to candy, but come from natural source.


Do you know why sugar is prohibited in this diet? The answer is simple because it’s easy to turn into calorie. You may find athletes who compete in sport. They drink energy-based drink containing high sugar level to gain calorie as soon as possible. Therefore, they can stay awake and focus during match, but there is no side effect. All calories from sugar are completely drained for excess activity. This is different from normal people in daily activity. Energy drink gives more calories, but there is no activity to spend it. That’s the basic think to know about low carb diet.

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Additional Information Related to Low Carb Diet


Diet has preliminary condition before you start to apply in daily lifestyle. Instead of having good result, you might have adverse effect that endangers your body. Before doing this diet, you better go to the professional nutritionists. Well, there are several things related to low carb diet for better understanding.


  1. Check body metabolism

This diet will reduce carb intake significantly. It is not suitable for pregnant women because they use more calories to keep the baby as healthy as possible. Moreover, pregnancy period is sensitive to dramatic change on nutrient intake. On the other hand, diabetes is illness due to high blood sugar, but there are few people with low blood sugar issue. Of course, this is not their diet to do, but they should keep the carb level in balance. Keep in mind that drinking more sugar is temporary way to increase blood sugar because nutrients balance is the most important thing. Therefore, they cannot do low carb diet, except the extraordinary situation occurs.


  1. Low card is not no carb at all

Human is omnivore and carb still plays the major role in diet system. Just remember this is diet to control the carb consumption. In previous section, sugar is prohibited completely, but you can still eat carb foods. Low carb diet only prevents the carb intake excessively in order to let body relies on fat as the source of energy. Some organs cannot receive fat-based calorie, particularly liver and brain. The first side effect in this diet is related to brain function, though not at extreme bad level. After few weeks, body will adjust to this diet program then fat becomes more tolerable for calorie intake.


Many researches try to explore more about low carb diet. The research from American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that this diet was capable to lower diabetes and cardiovascular disease. On contrary, there is controversy regarding diet with low carb because of exhaustion and fruit impact. However, this diet seems more favorable due to health effect for long-term lifestyle.

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