Smooth, bright and radiant complexion. These qualities we often encounter in the beauty of Korean women's faces. Maybe you feel that only Korean artists can do facial treatments like that. But apparently, this is not entirely true, you know!

Want to know what are their secrets? This time Hipwee Tips will tell you about Korean-style facial treatments that can make your beauty increase. Just check it out, let's go!

First of all, clean the dust and dirt with a make-up remover or cleanser. This is important!

To begin your treatment, you must ensure that your face is clean of all forms of dirt and make-up. This make-up remover can clean your face of stubborn make-up like makeup on the eyes. As for the cleanser, make sure that you choose an oil-based cleanser. Besides being safer for your face, oil cleanser also cleans up remnants of make-up that are not removed by your make-up remover.

Why is cleaning your face first important? Yes, because this is useful for preventing dust and dirt clogging facial pores, so that zits and blackheads can be prevented.

After that, maximize your facial cleansing with reliable facial wash soap. Try, water-based.

Make-up remover and oil cleanser is suitable for cleaning make-up and dirt. Even so, the product will leave chemical residues that you need to clean with your facial soap. For example, make-up remover usually contains ethanol which can dry the face.

For this reason, maximizing the cleanliness of your face with this water-based facial washing soap is very necessary.

Then, continue with exfoliating cream to remove your dead skin cells! This step is only done twice a week

The next step is to use an exfoliator or skin peeling cream. This one cream will remove dead cells and cleanse them to the pores. This cream can even skin tone. You only have to do this step twice a week to keep your skin healthy and not dry, huh!

Before preparing to use powder or make-up, first balance the pH of your facial skin with toner

What is toner?
Toner is a lightweight liquid that is devoted to balancing the pH of the skin, so it is more ready to receive control from outside such as; make-up and other treatment creams. Toner also functions to shrink the pores of the face, so it looks brighter. At the nearest supermarket, many have been sold, really kok

After your facial skin is completely clean from the three previous steps, it is time to prepare your face so that you can receive the vitamins and nutrients that you will provide later. Toner functions as a keeper of PH and facial balance. Like a sponge, toner will make your face more easily absorb nutrients and vitamins!

Essence, the most important part of Korean-style facial treatment. Just tap it into your face with your hands, your face will shine!

Essence is a product that is synonymous with typical Korean treatments. In Indonesia alone there are not many products that sell essence, although that does not mean it cannot be found. Essence itself has several types of functions which include making the skin more elastic and also accelerating the replacement of skin cells!

Then, use a serum or booster for more specific facial skin care!

Serums and boosters can usually be adjusted to your individual skin problems. Whether you want to shrink pores, brighten the skin, remove facial spots, or, eliminate wrinkles. Serum and booster are the answer. Use serum or booster after using essence in the same way, which is patted to the face.

Face masks are the next step for a well-nourished face!

Like a facial exfoliating cream, you only need to use a face mask twice a week, for 15-20 minutes.

Facial masks function to provide nutrition to your face. Like serum and booster, you can adjust the face mask according to your needs. There are also many variations of facial masks ranging from vitamin C enhancing masks, lightening the face, to removing acne scars!