Quinoa, the Benefit of Ancient Super Grain

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Quinoa, the Benefit of Ancient Super Grain – Quinoa. The level of consumption of society in general consists of staple and complimentary food. Well, staple food usually has high carbohydrate content as fuel for the body. The majority of Asian societies rely on grains and tubers as staple foods, while Western societies focus more on starch-based staples. As the result, carbohydrate content of people’s consumption increases every year. This causes not only increased energy, but also sugar levels because carbohydrates have the potential to turn into sugar.

Over time, the average weight of urban communities is increasing, thus affecting their productivity. To overcome this problem, emerge an alternative substance named Quinoa which is expected to be able to provide a healthy living solution. Want to know what is it? Here are some explanatory points that you may be able to use.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is an alternative ingredient of grain cereals, such as wheat, rice, and corn. Basically, it is a seed that’s harvested massively and in groups, making it almost like a cereal. If it comes in contact with hot water, it will slowly open and issue some curls that will clot. Because of its graininess, it also has a variety of colors when cooked, but the majority is white bones. The texture is also rough and grainy, so it is almost similar to rice.

Why are they called alternative materials?

Since the sugar content contained in it is very little, Quinoa does not produce excessive sugar intake when consumed. Therefore, this ingredient is often favored by vegetarians as a substitute for the staple foods that contain lots of sugar, so the stomach remains full even if only a little. The risk of diabetes can be avoided by eating this food.


 Where did it come from?

This ingredient thrives in North America, such as Bolivia and Peru. Quinoa has been the staple food for tribes since thousands of years ago, especially the Incas. They believe that the seeds are the source of all their health and strength. Although it sounds a little bit traditional and ancient, this is actually able to survive and popular again consumed by the people today; of course if the nutrient content is not reduced.


What is the content?

As a substitute for rice and wheat, of course, Quinoa must also have nutritional content that’s not less abundant. It’s been mentioned before that this seed has very little sugar and fat content, which is about 2 grams with a high carbohydrate of 19 grams, and protein of 4 grams in each serving dose. In addition to its nutritional content, it turns out this alternative ingredient also contain abundant vitamin, ranging from vitamins B1, B6, and B12, also vitamin E.

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How to Consume It?

Since the shape is slightly different from other staple foods, how cooking it was finally also differentiated. As a result of its function as a healthy food, Quinoa also should not be carelessly processed, so the nutrients and fiber content is not lost. The following will be explained on how to cultivate this staple grain.

  • Wash the quinoa seeds with running water.
  • Pour into the pan together with water and salt.
  • Cook over medium heat to boil.
  • After boiling, reduce the heat until the water in the pan is absorbed.
  • When the water is absorbed, do not forget to stir the seeds to avoid sticking to each other.

That’s how to present Quinoa seeds. Very easy, isn’t it? Actually, the way of presentation is almost similar to cooking rice in general, but make sure the seeds are not exposed to heat too long. Therefore, the nutritional content is maintained. Moreover, make sure to stir it evenly, so as not to stick to each other and end up clumping.

In the outer shell of Quinoa, there is also a membrane called saponin. The saponin membrane will become harmful if consumed by the sensitive stomach, and will potentially lead to irritation. In addition, if saponins come to be cooked and consumed, then the taste will be bitter and uncomfortable for consumption. So, make sure you wash it properly by gently rubbing it and washing it with running water. Well, the saponins can easily peel off and float away in the water.

Since the taste is considered bland and tends to bitter, then you are advised to consult your doctor or nutritionist before deciding to switch to consuming Quinoa. This is due to the increased risk of stomach acid if the consumption is considered inappropriate. The most proper way to consume it is gradually, to adjust your stomach with a new staple food.

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As a basic ingredient, of course, you still need a complementary or another side dish to accompany Quinoa on your dining table. However, it’s not just any suitable food paired with this superfood. If you are not good at mixing a lot of ingredients, then the taste will become bland and boring. For that, here are the recommendations of complementary foods for these healthful grains


Who does not like roasted garlic? The fragrant smell definitely stimulates your appetite. Garlic was very well suited to Quinoa seeds. You just add roasted garlic over a bowl of cooked quinoa then it will increase many times over. If you want excessive pleasure sensation, you can pour roasted garlic together with the sauce of the oil, so the fragrant onion will be more easily spread evenly.


Although it sounds ancient, grain dish can also be used as a modern and fun food. One of them is by adding melted cheese on Quinoa when it’s still warm. Do not forget to stir it evenly, so the melt is spread evenly throughout the bowl.

Hot chili pepper

You can also add a bowl of spicy pepper sauce into the dish to add a spicy sensation. Because the ingredients are derived from grains, these alternative ingredients will give the effect of a little more earthy than your usual chili pepper. But remember, the clotted grains will easily bind the heat, so it can increase the level of severity of the pepper sauce that you poured before.

Vegetarian burger

Who says burgers are only for non-vegetarians? Now, vegetarians can also feel the pleasure of eating a burger with Quinoa. You can use the leftover, shape it like a hamburger meat, and cook it with a little olive oil to provide a crispy flavor. For bread, you can use the whole wheat bread shaped like a hamburger bun, and be a vegetarian hamburger to accompany your lunch.

Chicken broth

For those who miss the taste of chicken meat but do not want to cheat on vegetarian mission, chicken broth might be a solution. You just need to pour chicken broth on a quinoa bowl and let the broth seep for about 5 minutes. After then, stir it to ensure the sauce is absorbed evenly. In this way, the previously tasteless dish will have a thick chicken flavor, depending on how much you sprinkle the broth on top.

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What’s the Benefit of Quinoa?

After all the information about this superfood grain coupled with the proper processing and food companion, now check the benefits to those of you who want to consume it

Lose weight

Due to lower sugar and carbohydrate content than rice, you do not have to worry about your weight going up after consuming this seed. Energy absorbed by your body will also remain the same; given the number of calories by a bowl of this grain will be enough to accompany your daily activities. High fiber content is also more easily absorbed into the body.

Increase body metabolism

Some studies prove that by diligently eat a bowl full of this grain; your body metabolism will increase. The recycle performance of your body will also grow, so you will be able to be active and productive at all times. However, this course should be balanced with regular exercise and adequate rest, to make your body’s natural clockwork optimally.

Brighten the skin and prevent aging

Because of the nutrients and vitamins present in Quinoa, especially calcium and magnesium, it makes the regeneration process of the cells on your skin become more productive. Your skin will become more reactive to sunlight, so it is able to absorb more vitamin D needed by the body. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of dull and cracked skin.

Prevent osteoporosis, strengthen the bone structure, and blood circulation

The calcium and magnesium found in Quinoa can prevent bone loss, and help strengthen the bone structure, both hard bone and cartilage. In addition, the presence of these nutrients helps in the circulation of blood and increase the supply of red blood cells as well.

That’s a series of information about Quinoa. Although there are many benefits and usefulness, you also have to keep considering things before starting to consume these grains. Make healthy and balanced food as your guide to living the healthy life you always want.

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