Simple and Easy Way on How to Lose Weight in a Week

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Simple and Easy Way on How to Lose Weight in a Week – In this instant age, all can be achieved quickly and easily by relying on internet access and smartphones in the grip. Finally, these habits cause today’s society to be lazier and easy to rely on others rather than doing their own business. Coupled with irregular eating patterns and the excessive sugar content present in foods today make people pile up their weight bigger and bigger each day. For that, the following will be given tips on how to lose weight in a week as a supporter of the productivity of modern society, but still pay attention to the elements of health in it.

How to Lose Weight in a Week through Exercising

The most simple and efficient way of how to lose weight in a week is by exercise. By training our body in a series of active movements, it will be stimulated to burn the calories and fat.

In your early days of exercise, don’t go directly to heavy exercises. Familiarize your body with simple routines like stretching or regular jogging. And then, after you get used to it, you can start trying to do a series of strenuous sports. Here are some sports that are considered capable of losing weight efficiently

Straighten Your Figure

The first thing you need to do on how to lose weight in a week is fixed your figure, preferably the way you sit and stand or walk. Make sure your spine is aligned and your body is upright. It’s a common knowledge if your body will look thinner if you bend because the abdomen will go deeper, causing the illusion that your stomach is small. By improving your posture, it will be clear which part that should be fixed. This way, you can do with stretching that rests on a flat field such as a floor or wall. If possible, you may also consult a certified chiropractor to improve your posture to be more upright.


Jogging is the most simple, easy, and fun sport. In addition, this sport is also considered useful for how to lose weight in a week. Periodically arrange your jogging route. Start from the short route of about 1 km, then add 1 km every day for a week. Such routes and patterns are considered effective enough to burn calories while adjusting your body to new exercise patterns.

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If you want more maximum results, wear clothes that catch body temperature, such as raincoats, plastic jackets or aluminum sports jackets that are provided in many sports stores. It is expected the body temperature during running will increase without any interference from the temperature factor outside the body. Therefore, it will stimulate the excretion of sweat. Hot temperature is also considered to provide a large impact on the burning of calories in the body, so it will be more leverage.

Squats And Sit-Ups

By doing squats and sit-ups, you can tighten the abdominal and ankle muscles, so it is claimed to be useful for how to lose weight in a week and train your stomach muscles. For the amount of movement, you only need to do each of the squats and sit-ups 12 times in 3 sets of movements; each given a rest break of about 5-10 minutes. Perform this movement when you are finished jogging, so your body is familiar with heavy exercise.

Push-Ups And Lunges

After working on the abdomen and ankle, now it is the time to work on the upper body and the thighs as well as back of the ankle with Push-Ups and Lunges. For the count, make the same with Squats and Sit-Ups, which are 12 per activity per set of 3 sets. If you can organize regularly, you can do squats and sit-ups on odd days, and Lunges and Push-Ups on even days or vice versa. In this way, the muscle composition of your body will be balanced. Coupled with the calories burned, it will be perfect for how to lose weight in a week.


The essence of how to lose weight in a week is to burn fat, while the most fat-burning activity is Cardio. However, it’s not just any cardio exercise you can do.

According to experts, kickboxing and boot-camp-style exercise will maximize fat burning in your body. It would be great if you were able to apply mixed exercise to morning routine. Different motion patterns on different parts of the body will further balance the burning of fat in all parts of the body. So, the process of how to lose weight in a week will occur faster.

Sleep More

You can treat yourselves by sleeping a little bit more. By adding 30 minutes at bedtime, it is believed you will feel fresher, so you do not require additional caffeine in the morning. It is certainly useful for how to lose weight in a week. In addition, your body also definitely needs enough rest after doing a series of strenuous activities.

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Food Can Also Affect the Way on How to Lose Weight in a Week

Heavy and maximum exercise must be balanced with the maximum nutritional intake as well. But this time, you need to change the pattern and composition of your meal to be healthier and free of sugar and excess carbohydrates. In this case, the chance on how to lose weight in a week will be higher.

Keep in mind that the body of each person is different, especially for the reaction that arises from following patterns and food composition. Therefore, it would be better if before you try it, you consult a doctor or nutritionist first. Make sure which diet has more impact on your body. Moreover, do not combine all these tips in one sitting. It will be safer if you use with pause about one day after using the previous tips.

  • Drink Pure or Infused Water

One of the best ways to clear the content of toxins in body is to drink plenty of water mineral. Keep your mineral water intake for eight glasses everyday to neutralize toxin and harmful substances in the body. If you are tired of how to lose weight in a week because of the tasteless flavor of mineral water, you can make infused water using a variety of fresh fruits like lemon or kiwi to add fresh flavor. Avoid cold drinks or using ice cubes since they are believed to increase your weight if consumed excessively.

  • Change Carbs For Veggies

Carbohydrates that need to be avoided are rice because besides the excess carbohydrates, sugar content in rice should also not be underestimated. A suitable substitute for how to lose weight in a week is to use Quinoa. These South American grains have very low carbohydrate and sugar levels, which are offset by high levels of protein and vitamins. If you do not usually eat Quinoa, there is another alternative that’s grated cauliflower.

In this period, many vegetable preparations are tasty and quite filling. Therefore, it is not impossible to change the menu to full vegetable. It is an essential part of how to lose weight in a week. Vegetables are considered quite able to give the impression of fullness in your stomach in real. It’s different from the carbohydrates that only briefly filling your stomach as the rest will be buried into fat and sugar. Yes, this is certainly harmful to the health of the body.

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Before getting used to consume vegetables, do not forget to choose clean vegetables from reliable food vendors. Then, do not forget also to wash them under running water, so the bacteria and germs that are on the surface of vegetables can be lost. In addition, avoid exposing too large and long heat to the vegetables, so they do not wither and lose their nutritional content.

  • Let Go One Heavy Carbs In Your Daily Consumable

The perception of a diet that should avoid the whole of heavy food is something that’s wrong, as well as a little difficult to do. The most important thing on how to lose weight in a week is to replace the highest intake of your carbohydrates and sugars, for example rice or snacks you normally eat. In this way, many specialists believe that you will not be aware of the significant changes in your daily diet. However, your body is experiencing the major changes due to the loss of carbohydrate and sugar supply. As a result, this method is easier to do than having to change your overall diet.

Disclaimer for How to Lose Weight in a Week

How to lose weight in a week should not be expected to produce something significant. Enforcing the body’s performance to keep burning calories for a whole week is also not something wise. Therefore, if you feel and see for yourself the changes in your body, ranging from improved posture, decreased weight, or an improved mood, it is certain that the changes will occur periodically. If more than a week, then keep doing this routine to get the weight you want.

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