What is the most fun way to consume fruit? Most certainly answer the juice as a tasty and easy way to consume fruit. However, do you know if there is a way to consume the correct juice? Not the origin of the blender and sips, wrong processing and consuming it actually brings risks to the body.

Fruit vs. Juice, Which is the Best?
Many people think that consuming fruit directly is better than consuming it in the form of juice, is that right?

Actually, the benefits of fruit juice are still equivalent to eating wild beast directly as long as the way to process it is right. Assumption if the fruit is healthier is closely related to the natural fiber of the fruit. Insoluble fiber may be left with juice pulp. In fact, the body requires more soluble fiber to facilitate the digestive system. So, no problem if you prefer juice rather than eating fruit directly because you can still taste

Many people think that juice can be made from the fruit blender as long as it tastes. However, actually making juice should not be careless. Incorrectly, the juice you consume will actually make your health condition worse.

The most common mistake made when making juice is adding sugar or sweet tasting additives such as sweetened condensed milk, meses or chocolate. The addition of sweeteners as mentioned has the potential to trigger an increase in blood sugar in the body.

If you aim to maintain health with juice, you should not add any sweeteners because the fruit already has its own natural sugar. The right sweetness in juice can be obtained even without sweeteners, provided you reduce the dose of water and use fruit with the right maturity.

The fruits with the right maturity are fresh fruits that are harvested in the right time. But unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find fresh fruit with the perfect level of maturity. The reason is, traders prefer to sell the fruit with the reason mengkal longer shelf life so as to minimize losses.

So, how to find quality fresh fruit with the right maturity? Relax, RegoPantes is always ready to help you. Through RegoPantes you don't need to be hard to choose, the quality control team will choose the best fruit for you. Not only that, you will also be given the convenience of shopping in the form of discounts to free shipping.

Perfect Ripe Fruit More Easy to Rot
New problems might arise if you buy fruit with perfect maturity. Because the ripe fruit must be consumed immediately and will rot faster. Storing in the refrigerator might be a solution, but apparently not all types of fruit can be safely stored in cold temperatures.

So that the fruit you buy can last longer, there are actually special tricks to store fruit. No need to worry about fruit wasted because it is rotten because the fruit is guaranteed for its freshness, even perishable grapes can last up to 3 months. How to? Check out how to choose fruit and save it below.